Stinson Legacy Continues with 2nd Annual FHS Rocket Launch

Stinson Legacy Continues with 2nd Annual FHS Rocket Launch

Friendswood High School (FHS) rocketry students participated in the SystemsGo Rocket Launch on May 12th in Smith Point, Texas.

The FHS rocketry program began in 2021 thanks to a generous planned gift for more than $200,000 left by the Stinson family to the Friendswood ISD Education Foundation (FEF). Carla and Richard Stinson dedicated their careers to the aerospace industry and wanted to leave a legacy that would share their love of space for generations to come.

Carla and Richard’s daughter, Jordan, was raised in the tight-knit Friendswood community and attended FISD schools. Jordan has joined members of FISD and FEF to cheer on the students at the rocket launch for the past two years.

“I truly cherish the time spent alongside Jordan at the FHS rocket launches,” FEF Executive Director Ashley Adair said. “The students did an incredible job and it was so rewarding to see them in action while reflecting on memories of the family who made it possible.” 

FISD Superintendent Thad Roher agreed and said that the Stinson rocket flew high and mighty at this year’s launch.

Dozens of teams gathered at Smith Point with the goal of launching a one pound payload one mile up. Not only did the FHS team successfully complete the mission, they also honored Carla Stinson with the family name incorporated into their team’s t-shirt design. 

Jordan was moved when she saw the shirts and shared that her mom would be absolutely over the moon. “She is the biggest champion of the program and wanted to take it a step further by opening up t-shirt sales to the community to support,” Adair said.

Jordan had no idea how much the community would rally behind this idea.

“We ended up selling 61 rocketry t-shirts!” Jordan said. “This program was Mom’s last vision and wish, and as she would say, ‘We have goodness. So much goodness.’ My heart is so full.” 

Jordan received orders from all over Texas and even some to California, Florida, Michigan, and North Carolina.

“With the community’s generosity, we were able to present the FHS Rocketry Program with a check for $1,178.65!” Jordan said. “These kids deserve it, and so much more.”

The Stinson legacy will undoubtedly change lives and transform learning for students and teachers in FISD for generations to come. 

If you would like more information about planned giving, please reach out to FEF Executive Director Ashley Adair at If you would like more information about the FHS Rocketry Program, please reach out to FISD CTE Executive Director Susan Kirkpatrick at