Friendswood ISD Celebrates Its Outstanding Teachers of the Year

Friendswood ISD Celebrates Its Outstanding Teachers of the Year
Teachers of the Year

Friendswood ISD proudly announces its 2023 Teachers of the Year, Wade Rendon and Kathryn Morton. These exceptional educators were selected by the FISD Education Foundation for their innovative and creative teaching methods and their genuine motivation to reach every child in their class and influence even the greater populations of their schools.

Wade Rendon, a Special Education teacher at Friendswood Junior High School, was recognized for his unwavering dedication to his students. According to FEF Teacher of the Year (TOY) Chair KK Jenkins, Rendon "authentically builds relationships and creates learning opportunities that allow students to grow and develop to their potential." He prioritizes not only academic success but also building students' character and supporting their social and emotional development. Rendon's impact on his students and the district as a whole is truly remarkable, making him the perfect candidate for Region 4 Candidate for Secondary Teacher of the Year.

Kathryn Morton, a First Grade teacher at Cline Elementary School, was honored for her exceptional dedication and commitment to her students' success. Jenkins said that Morton "is a natural at making real connections with her students" and "focuses on students' contributions and their abilities to work cooperatively." Morton works tirelessly to ensure all of her students, regardless of their abilities, experience growth and success. Furthermore, Morton is credited for instilling and promoting the concept of character development in her classroom daily, which has had a profound impact on the entire Cline community. Her positive attitude and dedication make her the ideal candidate for Region 4 Candidate for Elementary Teacher of the Year.

The Friendswood ISD congratulates Wade Rendon and Kathryn Morton on their well-deserved recognition as Teachers of the Year and wishes them all the best as they progress in the Region 4 competition.

Additional congratulations are extended to all campus teachers of the year, paras of the year and coaches of the year.

Teachers of the Year:

  • Bales - Shawn Wyble, Media Integration Specialist
  • Cline - Kathryn Morton, 1st Grade Teacher
  • FJH - Wade Rendon, Special Ed, 6-8 Grade
  • FHS - Amanda Davies, Science Teacher - 11th & 12th grade
  • Westwood - Tena Roher, Kindergarten Teacher
  • Windsong - Julie Leggio, 4th Grade Teacher

Paras of the Year:

  • Bales - Marlene Wright, Inclusion Aide
  • Cline - Sara Ruiz, P.E. Aide
  • FJH - Lynn Landry, ISS
  • FHS - Candace Ayers, Bookkeeper
  • Westwood - Shelli Britan, Inclusion Aide
  • Windsong - Beverly Spencer, Inclusion Aide

Coaches of the Year:

  • Ty Bush - Houston Chronicle Cross Country Coach of the Year
  • Cory Benavides - Reached 100 Career Wins; 18-5 Coach of the Year Baseball
  • David Cook - Galveston County Coach of the Year; 18-5A Coach of the Year
  • Craig Sikkema - 18-5A Coach of the Year in Swim/Dive; Region V 5A Coach of the Year Swim/Dive; UIL 5A State Coach of the Year
  • Laura Peter - 18-5A Coach of the Year for Girls Soccer
  • Stephen Peter - Reached 500 Career Wins
  • Jared Owens - 12-5A Coach of the Year in Wrestling
  • Christa WilliamsYates - 18-5 Coach of the Year Softball
  • Teachers of the Year