Friendswood ISD Announces 2024 Teachers of the Year

Friendswood ISD Announces 2024 Teachers of the Year

Friendswood ISD (FISD) is proud to announce its 2024 Teachers of the Year, Lindsey Smith and Katya Silveira. The FISD Education Foundation has recognized these remarkable educators for their innovative teaching approaches and unwavering dedication to student success.

Lindsey Smith, honored as the Secondary Teacher of the Year from Friendswood Junior High, has been celebrated for her exceptional ability to meet students at their individual levels, both academically and emotionally. Candace Metz, Committee Chair, commended Smith's commitment, stating, "Smith’s unique ability to meet students where they are, both academically and emotionally, is truly remarkable." Smith's Million Dollar Project and her tireless advocacy for her students' social and emotional well-being continue to make a profound impact on her campus.

Katya Silveira, recognized as the Elementary Teacher of the Year from Windsong Elementary School, has been lauded for her dedication to creating memorable learning experiences that extend beyond the classroom. Metz praised Silveira's forward-thinking approach, noting, "Her passion for advocating for AI creates a forward-thinking educational environment that prioritizes personalized learning and student engagement." Silveira's hands-on PB&J lesson has left a lasting impression on her students, preparing them for success in an ever-evolving world.

Thad Roher, Superintendent of Friendswood ISD, congratulated Smith and Silveira on their well-deserved recognition, stating, "Their commitment to excellence in education exemplifies the values of Friendswood ISD and inspires us all. We wish them the best of luck in the Region 4 competition."

FISD congratulates all campus Teachers of the Year, Paras of the Year, Support Staff of the Year and Coaches of the Year.

Teachers of the Year:

  • Bales Elementary School: Sharon Dixon, 5th Grade Teacher
  • Cline Elementary School: Chelsea Copley, Quest Teacher
  • Friendswood Junior High: Lindsey Smith, 6th Grade Math Teacher
  • Friendswood High School: Sonia Gutierrez, Spanish Teacher
  • Westwood Elementary School: Madison Cheatwood, MIS
  • Windsong Elementary School: Katya Silveira, 5th Grade Teacher

Paras of the Year:

  • Bales Elementary School: Joel Beeson, Quest Aide
  • Cline Elementary School: Stefanie Rosten, ECSE Aide
  • Friendswood Junior High: Jenny Porter, Inclusion Aide
  • Friendswood High School: Sheri Walker, Culinary Arts Assistant
  • Westwood Elementary School: Sara Rice, Inclusion Aide
  • Windsong Elementary School: Stacy Orr, Quest Aide

Support Staff of the Year:

  • Maricruz Castellanos, Director of Custodial and Rentals

Coaches of the Year:

  • David Cook - 18-5A Team Tennis Coach of the Year, Galveston Daily News coach of the year for the Galveston County
  • Sarah Paulk - 18-5A Volleyball Coach of the Year, reached 300 career wins 
  • Craig Sikkema - 18-5A Boys Coach of the Year, Houston Chronicle Swim Coach of the Year
  • Jared Owens - 12-5A Wrestling Coach of the Year
  • Laura Peter - Reached 500 Career Wins
  • COY
  • POY
  • SSOY
  • TOY