2022 Friendswood ISD Teachers of the Year

2022 Friendswood ISD Teachers of the Year
Carolyn Lowe and Melissa Novak

Friendswood ISD named Westwood’s Carolyn Lowe as Elementary Teacher of the Year (TOY) and Friendswood High School’s Melissa Novak as Secondary TOY.

Both teachers were chosen from six finalists from across the District. Once the six teachers of the year were named, it was up to the Friendswood ISD Education Foundation (FEF) to select which two teachers would move on to represent FISD for the Region 4 TOY selection process.

“We were lucky enough to have some outstanding teachers of the year from each of our campuses throughout the district,” FEF TOY Committee Chair Kathryn Jenkins said. “These teachers show creativity and motivation to reach every child in their class.” 

Lowe is a special education inclusion teacher who is “an advocate for students to be fully included throughout their entire days at school, not just in the classroom, but in the greater school community,” according to Jenkins.

“[Lowe] authentically engages her students in reaching their learning objectives and dedicates herself to finding success in each student academically and behaviorally,” Jenkins said. “She also models and meets with other teachers to collaborate and help them grow in their disciplines and to consult with them about how to best support students and their needs. She values students’ passions and strengths, whatever they may be, and grows those gifts. Carolyn is truly a gift to FISD.”

Novak serves as the culinary arts teacher. She works with students to cater events throughout the District, hosts fun activities such as Cake Wars and operates Café Blue, a lunch program for teachers at FHS.

“[Novak] takes her CTE program to another level for her students and ensures that they make connections to real-life skills, beyond cooking and hospitality,” Jenkins said. “She empowers her students and focuses on learning opportunities that allow them to take ownership and showcase their leadership ability. She constantly pushes her students to identify and meet goals through innovative and authentic experiences that will benefit them in any future career choice. She is an advocate for her students, her teaching team and her program.”

Congratulations to these outstanding educators and best of luck to them in the Region 4 selection.

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